Terms of Use


The subscriber to the listing services (“Subscriber”) offered by DrinkDeal.com (“DrinkDeal”) agrees to the following terms of use:

  1.  DrinkDeal may post the following information (“Subscriber Information”) regarding the subscriber’s establishment (the “Tavern”), which information Subscriber may provide or supplement:
    1. Address, Phone Number and WWW URL;
    2. Description of the Tavern;
    3. Description of products and services offered at the Tavern, including a listing of any food or drink specials offered at the Tavern or special events occurring or planned to occur at the Tavern; and
    4. Graphics, photos or text relating to items a. through c. of this paragraph 1.

DrinkDeal may post Subscriber Information on the Website’s applicable “search results” page and on a page reached by clicking on the name of the Tavern on such “search results” page (the “Tavern Page”). 

If applicable, DrinkDeal may also provide certain additional hyperlinks to the Tavern Page.

  1. Subscriber and Drinkdeal may post, update, edit and remove Subscriber Information, and DrinkDeal has the right post additional information regarding the Tavern, in addition to Subscriber Information, (all such information together with Subscriber Information, “Tavern Information”), which may include information about the Tavern provided by the general public, users of the Website, Subscriber or DrinkDeal.  Subscriber may require that DrinkDeal remove from the Website any posted Subscriber Information by 5 business days written request.  DrinkDeal reserves the right to refuse to post any Subscriber Information on the Website.
  2. Certain pages of the Website, such as “drinkers’ forum,” and third party websites to which DrinkDeal may provide hyperlinks may contain information that is contrary to Subscriber Information or otherwise inconsistent with Subscriber’s desired portrayal of the Tavern.  Other than with respect to Subscriber Information, DrinkDeal is not responsible for any such information, nor is DrinkDeal obligated to prevent the posting of such information, remove any such posted information or hyperlinks to third party websites containing such information. 
  3. No ownership interests, or rights to, any intellectual property associated with the Website, including, without limitation, with respect to photos, text, organization, lay-out, graphics, source code, or design are granted or otherwise transferred to the Subscriber.  In addition, Subscriber represents that Subscriber is the rightful owner of any copyrighted or otherwise protected information provided by Subscriber to DrinkDeal for posting on the Website (“Subscriber IP”), or that Subscriber has permission from the rightful owner to use and allow DrinkDeal to use Subscriber IP.  Further, Subscriber indemnifies DrinkDeal against any loss or liability resulting from any breach of the foregoing representation.  DrinkDeal shall remove any Subscriber IP no later than 5 business days following receipt of Subscriber’s written request.
  4. DrinkDeal does not guarantee that the functions provided by the Website, including the posting of Subscriber Information will always be operative.   In no event will DrinkDeal be liable to the Subscriber or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation, or in-operation, of the Website.