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User Reviews

Users' reviews about 'Whistlin ' and their specials

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By: EssenceReviewed On: 5/31/2011 2:26:46 PMRated: 5 out of 5
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By: MikeyGReviewed On: 9/30/2009 6:44:31 PMRated: 1 out of 5
After reviewing all the positive feedback on this place, I went down there with high hopes. Sadly, on the date I went down there, 09/27/09, the place was closed and they seem to be reconstructing. Won't really be in town to get this place another go, somewhat dissappointed.

Great Deal
By: brokenartsclubReviewed On: 6/6/2009 10:31:23 AMRated: 5 out of 5
I came here for the first time last week. A friend of mine had won some promo for a free happy hour. We had free beer for an hour and then two for ones following it. It was a great deal. On top of which, you sign in with your own email address once you are there. Within a week, I had an invite to do the same promo. I thought that was a brilliant idea. This place is a little out of the way, however, given I am a country girl, I'll make the trek any day. They have tasty appetizers, friendly staff, BEST MUSIC EVER, and cold beer. I couldn't ask for more.

Great Bar!
By: Kristen EdwardsReviewed On: 6/2/2009 3:13:36 PMRated: 5 out of 5
I went to Whistlin' Dixies this past Saturday for my bday party and it was awesome! The bartenders were super friendly and we had an amazing time playing beer pong and flip cups! Def book your next party there!

Great Bart
By: DonReviewed On: 5/29/2009 3:29:08 PMRated: 5 out of 5
I have visited this bar on Cinco de Mayo and a couple of Sundays afterward. A really friendly staff, delicious burgers and terrific Margueritas!!

Awesome Bar
By: LisaReviewed On: 4/8/2009 11:44:46 AMRated: 5 out of 5
I have gone to whistlin dixies about 8 times and each time was more fun than the next. The staff was very pleasant and very generous. They gave me and my group of friends free shots and not every bar allows there bartenders to do that. I would know I am a former bartender. The music was great and if i requested a song or type of song I wanted to hear, they always came through. We even went one night and played a game of beer pong. It was so funn. Even the staff got involved and played. The people there drinking were friendly. It was overall a really great time.

Fun..Fun.. Fun
By: LauraReviewed On: 4/8/2009 9:52:26 AMRated: 5 out of 5
they have amazing specials and a fun loving down to earth staff. if you wanna have a gret time and play beer pong or just relax and have a special margarita this is the place on the west side. This was my second time there and it was better then my first. food is cheap and hits the spot.. u will lov it :)

Love it!
By: JessicaReviewed On: 4/7/2009 2:53:24 AMRated: 5 out of 5
Fun atmosphere and great staff! The service is wonderful! I love going here for lunch or dinner or just hanging with friends for a good time! This is a MUST for any New Yorker!!!

Somewhat outdated
By: AnonymousReviewed On: 4/4/2008 10:12:33 AMRated: 3 out of 5
The specials listed on this website haven't been available for almost a year. Try updating the site once in a while

So much Fun!
By: anonymousReviewed On: 7/11/2007 11:42:30 AMRated: 5 out of 5
Great bar and staff! Lots of fun! Definately stop by this place if you're looking for a fun and upbeat bar!!

By: AnonymousReviewed On: 7/3/2007 11:41:45 AMRated: 5 out of 5

Haven't Been yet...
By: AnonymousReviewed On: 7/3/2007 10:42:08 AMRated: 5 out of 5
...but that SinDays exotic dancers drink free is absolutely genius... Can't wait.
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