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Manhattan's Selected
10 Bars featuring today's selected Manhattan specials.....

601 Vanderbilt Avenue
$2 High Life Tallboys, $6 Combo Bud Pony, Dog and Shot of Jim Beam Monday
Dewey's Flatiron
210 Fifth Ave.
$5 Well Drinks $4 Bud lite, Miller lite & Coors lite Drafts M, Tu, W4:30 PM - 7 PM
Flor De Sol
361 Greenwich Street
$4 Croquetas de Pollo (At Bar Only) Mon - Fri4 PM - 7 PM
Havana Central Union Square
22 E. 17th St.
$5 Classic Mojitos Mon - Fri4 PM - 7 PM
Joshua Tree
513 3rd Avenue
$4 Bud/ Bud Lite/ Coors Lite/ Yuengling Drafts, $5 well drinks, $5 wine Mon - FriNoon - 8 PM
MacDougal Street Ale House
122 MacDougal St
$3 All Bottles Everyday
25 Avenue B
2-4-1 beer, wine, well drinks M, Tu, W, Th, Sun4 PM - 8 PM
304 bowery
buy one get one select draughts, house wines and house spirits Mon - FriOpen - 8 AM
54 W. 21st St.
Do It on a Pool Table During Happy Hour Mon - Fri5 PM - 8 PM
Son Cubano
544 west 27th street
$6 Tapas (at bar only) Mon - Thurs4 PM - 8 PM
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