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Asian Fusion Restaurant & Lounge
120 East 34 Street
All Dine In orders over $50 receive 10% Discount. Mention M, W, F5 PM - 9:30 PM
99 Park Ave.
Kareoke Tuesday
560 3rd Ave
2$ Budlight Drafts, 10$ Budlight Pitchers for all NCAA, NFL Games Everyday
Failte Irish Whiskey Bar
531 2nd Ave.
Monday Night Football Monday
Hill Country Bar&Live Music
30 W. 26th St
Live Music Fridays 5-8pm Everyday
Open Bar Night!! Tuesday9 PM - 12 AM
Hog Pit NYC
37B West 26th street
Football Specials During All Football Games. Bucket Specials Everyday
Free Comedy show every Monday start time 9pm Monday9 PM - 12 AM
Hook and Ladder Pub
611 2nd Ave.
Karaoke night Tuesday9:30 PM - 2 AM
Hook and Ladder Pub
611 Second Avenue
$3 Jager. Live Music at 10pm: In-house cover band Finkle is Einhorn!!! Friday2 PM - 4 AM
FOOTBALL SUNDAYS! Free Pizza and Wings at Half-Time. $3 Drafts & Bottles SundayNoon - 4 AM
48 E. 29th St.
Free salsa dancing lessons Tuesday8 PM - 9:30 PM
Mercury Bar
493 3rd Ave.
NFL Specials: $30 Beer Buckets, $45 Mini Kegs, Football Food specials SundayOpen - 4 AM
New York Comedy Club
241 E. 24th St.
sun- thurs. show at 9, Friday 10 and 11:45 Everyday
Paddy Reilly's
519 2nd Ave.
live music, weeknights 9, weekends 11 Everyday
294 3rd Ave.
Live Jazz Monday8 PM - Close
Red Sky Lounge
47 E. 29th St.
College & Pro Football Sat & Sun
54 W. 21st St.
Do It on a Pool Table During Happy Hour Mon - Fri5 PM - 8 PM
Party All Night: Live DJ F, Sat
Society Billiards + Bar
10 East 21st Street
Champagne Pool EverydayOpen - Close
Tiki Room
4 W. 22nd St.
Live DJ Wednesday
Tonic East
411 Third Ave
Movie Night- Free Popcorn!! Sunday
Underground Bar & Lounge
613 2nd Ave
NYU Staff Extended Happy Hour Everyday8 PM - 12 AM
Not Quite Your Neighborhood, but Nearby...
248 W 14th St
G SPOT Thursday
Slammin' Saturdays Saturday
Serious Sundays Sunday
Alphabet Lounge
104 Ave. C
80s night F, Sat
B3 Restaurant & Lounge
33 Avenue B
Lion's Roar Karaoke Wednesday10 PM - Close
Bar 6
502 6th Ave.
DJs Th, F, Sat
Bar None
98 3RD AVE
Wild Card Night Monday
218 East 53rd St
Baseball Play Off Special!!!! Everyday
Chorus Karaoke
25 W 32nd St. #3rd FL
For the Bar - $1 per song Everyday
For Karaoke Private Rooms - Room Charge 20% discount Everyday
978 2nd Ave.
Live music on Sunday Sunday
25 3rd Ave.
live music Everyday
Copia NYC
307 E 53rd st
4$ draft beer, 1/2 price specialty cocktails & appetizers Th, F5:30 PM - 8 PM
961 2nd Avenue
$1 Mugs of Bud Light during Trivia Night Wednesday8 PM - 11 PM
$30 All You Can Drink College Football Ticket Saturday
Croxley Ales
28 Avenue B
20 cent wings during NCAA games SaturdayNoon - 5 PM
349 E. 13th St.
Live jazz Everyday9 PM - 12:30 AM
Doherty's Pub
218 E. 52nd Street
Karaoke Wednesday8:30 PM - 12:30 AM
East 4th St. Bar
80 East 4th St.
Great Specials during College & Pro Games Sat & Sun
Flight 151
151 Eighth Ave
Trivia Nights (for free drinks) Thursday
Flute Gramercy
40 E. 20th St.
'Deluxe' Open Bar Monday7 PM - 9 PM
Bubbles & Jazz Sunday8 PM - 11 PM
92 Second Ave. (5th & 6th Sts.)
$10 buckets of rolling rock, during mets and yankees games Everyday
Kelly's Pub
12 Avenue A
Movie Night and $3 Domestic Bottled Beer Tuesday12 AM - 4 AM
432 E 13th St.
dj take plays deep house with live guitar and saxaphon new jazz style Tuesday10 PM - 2 AM
dj ben (england) plays rare funk and soul, british grooves Wednesday9:30 PM - 4 AM
weekly rotated dj from all around the world plays minimal , tech-house Thursday9 PM - 4 AM
gyuszi plays 70's and 80's classic rock and disco all night long v Friday9 PM - 4 AM
dj sakaki plays classic deep-house, electro Sunday9 PM - 4 AM
Lava Gina
116 Ave. C
Latin night Tuesday
youth reggae night Wednesday
Le Caire Lounge
189 E. 3rd Street Between Ave A&B
Live DJ's Everyday9 PM - Close
649 E. 9th St.
Live music every night Everyday
M. J. Armstrongs
329 First Ave.
Trivia Night @ 7:30 $4 all Drafts/ $5 Wines Tuesday7 PM - 10 PM
Nuyorican Poets Cafe
226 E.3rd St.
poets cafe Everyday
349 E. 14th St.
Football Sundays Sunday
Ottos Shrunken Head
538 E 14th St.
comedy and rock Wednesday
119 E. 60th St.
$5 well drinks, kareoke at 10 Saturday
194 Ave A
Join us for Pool League Teams Tuesday
129 e.15th Street
After Irving Plaza Concerts Everyday
iPod Night Thursday7 PM - 4 AM
Silver Swan
41 E 20th St
Sex, Beer, and Karaoke Monday
Sin Sin
248 East 5th Street
Live DJ. $3 Domestics Monday
Guest Musicians Wednesday10 PM - 1 AM
Red Stripe Reggae Sunday
232 E. 9th St.
Karaoke Monday
State of Grace Pub
1074 1st Ave
for the football game-$5 pitchers bud lite and $2 miller lite bottles $2 bu Everyday5 PM - 8 PM
Live Music Tuesday
Kareoke Every Wednesday with specials Wednesday
The Irish Exit
978 2nd avenue
1st Beer Free, $4 Drafts after Everyday
Free Pro Comedy RSVP for a Free Round of Beers Tuesday8 PM - 10 PM
The Upper Deck
305 East 53rd Street
Free Pool and $3 Bud Light's all night long Tuesday4 PM - 4 AM
35 E.13th St.
"A Little Bit Louder" Monday7 PM - Close
Live Tuesdays Tuesday7 PM - Close
Pattioke Wednesday9 PM - 2 AM
SHOUT! Sunday
Three of Cups
83 First Ave.
“Rockin' da Mike” Monday
“DJ Wake & Bake” Tuesday
"Worship Wednesdays" Wednesday10 PM - Close
"Ritual" Thursday
"Rock Lives Here" Friday
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