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Featured Specials
287 Hudson St.
Name nights Everyday5 PM - 11 PM
115 Essex st
Beirut and Flip Cup Everyday
132 Ludlow St
$75 Bar Tab Business Card Drawing Thursday2 PM - 2:30 PM
Not Quite Your Neighborhood, but Nearby...
Bar None
98 3RD AVE
Wild Card Night Monday
Kelly's Pub
12 Avenue A
Free Bubble Hockey and $3 Canadien Beer Monday8 PM - 10 PM
King's Head Tavern
222 E. 14th St.
Free bingo, win drinks\shots! Sunday
M. J. Armstrongs
329 First Ave.
Trivia Night @ 7:30 $4 all Drafts/ $5 Wines Tuesday7 PM - 10 PM
192 3rd Ave
$30 Beer Bongs Bud & Bud Light Sunday
The Village Pourhouse
64 Third Avenue
Almost Famous Rock Band/Guitar Hero Tuesdays Tuesday
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