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Featured Specials
287 Hudson St.
Name nights Everyday5 PM - 11 PM
183 Bleecker street
Thrilling Thursday Thursday8 PM - 1 AM
happy hour EverydayOpen - 8 PM
Down The Hatch
179 W 4TH ST
$ 1 DRAFTS - LADIES NIGHT ! Tuesday8 PM - Close
Off The Wagon
109 MacDougal Street
Ladies Night - You Call It Wednesday8 PM - 4 AM
The Newgate Bar & Grill
535 LaGuardia Place
$1 Drink Menu for Ladies Wednesday
Water Lounge
54 Spring Street
Lady's night 2 for 1 all night for all ladies Thursday
Not Quite Your Neighborhood, but Nearby...
248 W 14th St
Alphabet Lounge
104 Ave. C
80s night F, Sat
Bar None
98 3RD AVE
LADIES NIGHT! $1 drinks for the ladies Wednesday
Beauty Bar
231 E 14th St.
$10 Martini & Manicure Tu, W, Th, F, Sat, Sun6:30 PM - Close
Caliente Cab Co
21 Waverly Pl
Ladies Night -Free Drink Tuesday
company bar &grill
242 e 10 th st
ladies nite weds 10pm-midnite Wednesday10 PM - 12 AM
Cosmic Cantina
105 3rd Ave
$20 Open Bar for the Ladies Wednesday9 PM - 2 AM
Doc Holliday's
141 Ave. A
Ladies Night $4 wells and $5 calls for ladies Wednesday
Grotta Azzurra
177 Mulberry St.
half priced drinks for ladies Th, F, Sat, Sun5 PM - 7 PM
579 6th Ave.
hottest ladies night Friday
Hop Devil Grill
125 St. Marks Place
Ladies Night! $2 frozen margaritas Thursday
2 West 35th Street
Thursday Ladies Night Thursday3 PM - Close
La Linea
15 1st Ave.
Ladies night Thursday
Lasagna Restaurant
196 8th ave
Ladies Night $5 Cocktails Everyday
Suspenders Bar & Restaurant
111 Broadway Ave
Ladies Night- 2 for 1 Drink Specials and $5 Champagne Everyday4 PM - Close
Ladies Night- 2 for 1 Drink Specials and $5 Champagne Mon - Fri4 PM - Close
192 Third Ave.
Ladies Drink Free Thursday10 PM - 11 PM
The Horsebox
218 Ave A
Ladies Night - $2 well, wine and select drafts Everyday
The Village Pourhouse
64 Third Avenue
Ladies Night Fridays Friday10 PM - 4 AM
Trinity Place
115 Broadway
Ladies' Night $4 Champagne Wednesday5 PM - Close
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