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La Prima Donna
163 47th St.
$18.95 - Lunch Pre-Fix Everyday
Langan's Bar & Restaurant
150 W 47th St
Cup soup & Sandwich at Bar $9.95 at the Bar every day until 5.00pm EverydayOpen - 5 PM
Merrion Square
1840 2nd ave
All sandwiches,wraps and burgers $5.99 EverydayOpen - 4:30 PM
Smith's Bar Restaurant
701 8th Ave New York, New York
Happy Hour Mon - Fri3 PM - 10 PM
Happy Hour SaturdayNoon - 10 PM
Football Sundays SundayNoon - 10 PM
Tonic Times Square
727 7th Ave
25 Lunch Specials @ $11.95 Come in and have lunch with friends Mon - Fri10 AM - 4 PM
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