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Slightly Oliver
511 Amsterdam Ave.
(85th St.)
New York, NY 10024

Live DJs nightly
About Slightly Oliver: 
Slightly Oliver’s cocktail-themed Gastropub on the Upper West Side of Manhattan brings guests a commonwealth inspired menu of comfort food with an option for every palate. Slightly Oliver is known for the tantalizing flavors and unique visual appeal of dishes that emphasize fresh, authentic ingredients; now, teamed with the experise of Consulting Chef Jason Hicks and consulting mixoligist Orson Salicetti, it presents a combination of unique Gastropub cuisine and an apothecary-style bar with barrel-aged cocktails in a setting to match.

Our commonwealth-inspired cocktail-based Gastropub, features a menu that changes seasonally to showcase ingredients at the peak of their freshness. We invite you to relax with a cocktail and some of the best Gastropub cuisine of the city while enjoying the sounds of rock n’ roll and reggae.

Slightly Oliver’s versatile signature cocktail list features a range of choices appealing to both the neighborhood crowd and the cocktail connoisseur. Guests will find traditional five ingredient punches, food and cocktail pairings, as well as Slightly Oliver’s take on Prohibition Era cocktails – classic cocktails with a modern twist. When you arrive at Slightly Oliver you will be welcomed with warm hospitality that can be matched only by the cocktails and cuisine.

Nearest Transit:
86 St (1, 2)
79 St (1, 2)
86 St (A, B, C)

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Happy Hour Deals:
  • $4 Radeberger drafts
  • $4 Specialty punches
  • $5 Red and white wine glasses

Weekly Deals:
$4 Specialty punches, $4 Radeberger drafts, $5 Red and white wine glasses 4 PM - 7 PM

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