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BB&R (Blonde, Brunette and a RedHead)
1720 2nd Ave
(89th and 90th)
New York, NY 10128

Ms. Pacman/Galaga cocktail table, an old fashioned photo booth, Wild Buck Hunter, Street Fighter, Wii, Old School Nintendo, and a beautiful billiards table.
Great Variety of music all night. Requests are always welcome.
About BB&R (Blonde, Brunette and a RedHead): 
BB&R (Blonde, Brunette and a Redhead) is an upscale, comfortable bar/lounge with a variety of attractions. Feel free to lounge back in plush brown leather banquets, watch one of the 11 flat screens or grab a cocktail after a long day and converse with the extremely friendly staff. Make sure to try the delicious Bar Menu featuring small plates, delicious salads, pizzas and excellent paninis. All the best Sports Games are shown. Listen to hand selected music by the ever present in house DJ. BB&R is capable of accommodating any of your private event needs- birthday parties, corporate gatherings, celebration buyouts and more.
4,5,6 subway to 86th

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Happy Hour Deals:
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  • 3$ Budlight Drafts, 10$ Budlight Pitchers, 4$ Domestics, 5$ Well Drinks

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Happy Hour All Night
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Power Hour $4 well Drinks, 2$ Budlight Drafts 9 PM - 10 PM
Happy Hour All Night

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