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Fuzion On A
211 Avenue A
(13th Street)
New York, NY 10009

100" Projection Screen
Live DJ, Band, and Singers
About Fuzion On A: 
Fuzion On A is an exotic Asian fusion bar and lounge located near the heart of the East Village, on the corner of Avenue A and East 13th Street. With warm, friendly and personalized service, Fuzion On A offers a wide selection of Asian inspired drinks and creative tapas using ingredients and techniques utilized in Southeast Asian, Chinese and Japanese cultures.

Fuzion On A features a full service bar with Asian inspired drinks such as specialty martinis, sakes, wines and beers. Fuzion On A offers one of the largest martini selections in Manhattan, with over 45 martinis to choose from. Among the many favorites are the Lychee martini, Sweet Samurai, Concubine and Black Pearl. To compliment such an exotic array of beverages, Fuzion On A offers a large selection of tapas including Beef Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, and so forth.

Patrons submerge themselves into the serene ambiance of Asian elegance at Fuzion On A. The elegant decor includes a striking custom-made dragonhead overlooking the “S” shaped bar with a lightly misted waterfall backdrop. The lounge areas are accented with oriental silk pillows, rich velvet tapestries and antique Asian posters adorned on the walls and tables. Fuzion On A is an amazing getaway spot to Asian set near the heart of the East Village.

Fuzion On A welcomes New Yorkers and visitors alike, every day of the week, to experience the fusion of Asian elements through our specialty beverages, variety of delicacies and intimate Asian surroundings. Fuzion On A also features special events such as live music, comedy and poetry readings. Private functions and catering is also available. Come experience a taste of Asia at Fuzion On A.

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