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Ava Lounge
210 West 55th St
New York, NY 10019

About Ava Lounge: 
Awe inspiring views and vistas, enjoy the energy of Times Square from the soothing oasis of AVA Garden. Perched 15 stories above Broadway, New York has never looked so good!

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Happy Hour Deals:

    Weekly Deals:
    Sunset Saturdays - $8.00 Bellinis and $4.00 beers Noon - 6 PM
    Sunset Saturdays - Free frozen cocktails Noon - 1 PM
    Sunset Saturdays - TY KU’s featured 100 Mojito Noon - 6 PM

    Deal Details:
      Sunset Saturdays - $8.00 Bellinis and $4.00 beers
    • Healthy cocktail concoctions are creating quite the "buzz" at summer bbq's and soirees! Sip your superfruits, not your calories with TY KU’s featured 100 Mojito, the signature cocktail at Sunset Saturdays at the AVA Lounge in the Dream Hotel.

      Feel free to overindulge with none of the guilt! While the grill heats up with your favorite BBQ fare for just $2.00 (hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers), you can cool off with TY KU 100 Mojitos, TY KU’S signature low-calorie cocktail that’s free of sulfite and tannins for a “friendly” morning after.

      There will also be $8.00 Bellinis and $4.00 beers all day, as well as free frozen drinks between 12:00 and 1:00 pm.

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