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Conker Hill
640 10th Ave
(45th St.)
New York, NY 10036

darts, LCD TV's, jukebox, Megatouch, Buck Hunter, Trivia Nights, and Conker Karaoke
About Conker Hill: 
Conker Hill proves that you can have a laid back and affordable neighborhood bar, without it having to smell like urine. Sharp and stylish, while warm and inviting, it perfectly balances the handsome mahogany bar with the evil monkey from Family Guy perched on the shelf above.

Conker Hill's policy of treating everyone like a regular, has yielded, well... a whole lot of regulars. This place is as close to "Cheers" as you'll ever get. Everyone knows everyone, and they're always looking to expand their brood. Cozy up to the right people and you might even get yourself a private mailbox, or be invited on a "Conker Hill Regular" field trip. (No Joke. Past outings have included Chicago and Mexico.)

The buy one get a "Conker Coin" Happy Hour (good for a free drink/redeemable whenever) is just shy of insane. And there's no better reason to show up late to work the next day than for Trivia Night with Austin, or "Conker Karaoke".

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Deal Details:
    buy one get one Conker Coin
  • By one, get a Conker Coin good for another. The coins are redeemable at any time. So you can save them for a rainy day. (Like an economic apocolypse.)

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