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310 Bowery
310 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

About 310 Bowery: 
310 Bowery is a synthesis of two former Bowery "old schoolers", Mannahatta and Crime Scene Bar. With the Bowery developing and changing we felt it was time for a change as well! The Lounge at 310 Bowery now combines the best of both worlds: Mannahatta's trendy, up and coming clientele and hip atmosphere, with Crime Scene's gritty, free-for-all party buzz.

Weeknights our lounge hosts a number of ever-changing events and DJ's in a relaxing mellow atmosphere. Our Happy Hour specials are some of the best in the city: $4 Well Drinks, Wine and Beer from 4pm till 8pm Monday through Friday.

Weekends come in and get crazy, with our resident DJ's spinning the best music. Our friendly door staff, bartenders and waitresses will help to make the night great. Guestlists and Bottle service are available, as well as Open Bar packages and Party Platters for you and your guests.

We also accommodate a wide range of events from Private and Holiday parties to Corporate product launches, Film Screenings, Bar/Bat Mizvahs, Photoshoots, TV and Film Location shooting, Birthday celebrations, Live Music and Comedy performances, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, staff meetings and seminars and anything else you can think of.

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Saturday- 4pm-4am
Sunday –closed (available for Private Events)

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Happy Hour Deals:
    (Mon - Fri: 4 PM - 8 PM)
  • $4 Well Drinks, Wine and Beer

Weekly Deals:

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