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1/2/3 Burger Shot Beer
738 10th Ave
(btw. 50th and 51st)
New York, NY 10019

6 HD Televisions, Beer Pong (just ask), Sexy servers and bartenders, Live DJ on select nights
DJ on select Nights
About 1/2/3 Burger Shot Beer: 
An elegant setting perfect for a night out to meet and greet welcoming to all who enter with floor to ceiling glass windows and doors the bar sports solid teak wood floors, an authentic pewtered tin ceiling and a 45 ft stainless steel bar with a baby Chicago rail. There is plenty of seating including faux leather covered banquets in colors of aqua and tan complete with a sleek, steal covered DJ booth and outside patio seating area in the back.

Menu eats include $1 Black Angus burgers on a potato bun complete with caramelized onions, secret seasoning and delicious dills on the side. One can order waffle, sweet potato, regular or even spicy wedge fries served up in Chinese food cartons to complement your burger also for an extra three dollars. The menu also includes fried ravioli (ricotta cheese) and chicken wings in flavors like honey barbecue, hot and spicy and honey chunky peanut butter. If you order take-out expect your burgers to come in a pizza style box as well. Owner John Greco states, "it's a homage to all the fast food we've come to know and love in the city by using these different take out containers for our food."

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  • $1 Off all Specialty Drinks

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$1 Burgers, $2 Shots, $3 Beers Open - Close
$1 White Wine Ladies Night, Monday Night Football Madness 8 PM
Fishnet Night- 1/2 Off Drink Special for Anyone Wearing Fishnet Stalkings 8 PM - Close
Beer Pong Weekend Madness Open - Close
Beer Pong Weekend Madness Open - Close

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