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Southern Hospitality
1460 Second Avenue
(Between 76th & 77th streets)
New York, NY 10075

HDTV's, late night beer pong, music,
DJ's, Live Bands, various types of music
About Southern Hospitality: 
The phrase “Southern Hospitality” has always had the idea that people of the South are particularly warm and welcoming and use proper local etiquette - calling one “Sir” or “Ma'am,” opening doors for ladies, inviting one to their home, and the like.

At our restaurant “Southern Hospitality” takes on that philosophy and more. At Southern Hospitality BBQ, you'll find everyone from Hollywood stars to locals, a menu of fine pulled pork sandwiches, baby back ribs, BBQ chicken, Southern fried catfish and many other southern favorites. All of this is topped off with a true New York setting, marked by 14 HD TVS and beer-pong tables. And it's all the vision of one gentleman dedicated to bringing sexy back - Justin Timberlake, along with partners Eytan Sugarman and Trace Ayala.

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Happy Hour Deals:

Weekly Deals:
Birthday Party Package Open - Close
Bourbon Open Bar Party Package Open - Close
Open Bar Party Package Open - Close
Monday Night Football Wings & Beer Special 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Hump Day Happy Hour $6 "you call it" 7 PM
Late Night Beer Pong 10 PM
Ladies Night 10 PM - Close
SoHos POWER HOUR 11 PM - 12 AM
Saturday College Football Game Day specials Noon - 11 PM
SoHos POWER HOUR 11 PM - 12 AM

Deal Details:
    Open Bar Party Package
  • Super Premium Package
    Includes a full open bar of wine, beer and liquors (including Grey Goose, Patron, Hennessy, Johnny Walker Black, Makers, Bombay Sapphire) as well as a full bar staff.
    $65/ per person for 4 hrs
    $55/ per person for 3 hrs
    $45/ per person for 2 hrs

    Premium Package
    Includes all wine and beer as well as a premium selection of Southern Hospitality’s liquor (including Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, Jose Cuervo, Jack Daniels). This option does not include top shelf alcohol or shots
    $58/ per person for 4 hrs
    $48/ per person for 3 hrs
    $38/ per person for 2 hrs

    Well Package
    Includes house wine, Bud Light and well cocktails
    $47/ per person for 4 hrs
    $35/ per person for 3 hrs
    $27/ per person for 2 hrs
    Note: Pricing does not include tax and gratuity
    Include shots with any package add $8 per person

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