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115 East 18th Street
(Park Avenue South)
New York, NY 10003

Other than the food?
About Butai: 
Welcome to Butai, a traditional yet innovative Robata restaurant. In Japanese, the word "robata" means "cooking by the fireside," and refers to the centuries-old country style cooking of Northern Japanese Fishermen. Evenings in coastal villages found fishermen cooking their catch over an open fire, then sharing among themselves by passing food on oars from boat to boat.

Our menu honors the Robata tradition of sharing and sampling. Appetizer-size portions allow you to try a variety of authentic Robata dishes. Delicious possibilities are limited only by the whims of your palate and the size of your appetite. You can order anything from any section of the menu at any time. There is no order to this experience - enjoy the free-style dinning however you choose.

If you can get to Union Square you can get to us...

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Deal Details:
    $3 Sapporo Drafts, $5 Cosmos
  • Sapporo Draft Beer $3.00

    Sapporo Light Beer $3.50

    House Red or White Wine $4.00

    House Sake $4.00

    House Cosmo $5.00

    Well Drink $5.00

    Edamame $3.00

    Salmon, Tuna or Cali Roll $3.50

    Kushi Yaki Skewer $6.50
    (order comes as three skewers)

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