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Common Ground
206 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

Boardgames, Plasma Screens, Trivia Night (Wed.), and Open-Mic (Sun.)
The best jukebox in NYC
About Common Ground: 
Blending the creature comforts of a lounge with the friendly atmosphere of a neighborhood pub, Common Ground stands out as a unique destination in the bustling East Village.

The large bay windows in front open to reveal cozy suede banquettes, antique mirrors and exposed brick. Wooden shelves stocked with leatherbound books are lit by crystal chandeliers, giving the feel of a classic library tucked within a 19th Century mansion.

Along with the old texts, the shelves are full of board games that are already a hit with patrons.

L Train to 14th St. and 1st Ave.

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Happy Hour Deals:
    (Everyday: - )
  • $2 Yuengling and Miller Lite Drafts
  • $3 Drafts and $4 Well Drinks and Bloody Marys
  • $5 Cosmos and Apple Martinis
  • Buy One Get One Free Appetizers and Panini

Weekly Deals:
$3 Drafts 8 PM - Close
$3 Import Bottles 8 PM - Close
$4 Well Drinks 8 PM - Close
$3 Domestic Bottles 8 PM - Close
$10 Bucket of Coronitas Noon - Close

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