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1584 York Ave.
((btw 83rd & 84th St.))
New York, NY 10028
(212) 570-5454

About SALOON: 
SALOON'S grand opening on October 1st reinvented the Upper East Side’s bar scene. With three full service bars and two DJ's, SALOON is a dynamic combination of the NYC club and pub scenes. We are the premier venue on the Upper East Side and have a large dance floor with a state of the art sound and lighting system. SALOON is one of the most cutting-edge night- spots in Manhattan and is also a great place to host your private party.

The Club: SALOON has combined world-famous DJ's with a state of the art sound system and light show. Our DJ’s, including DJ Louie Mole, spin an eclectic mix of Hip-Hop, Old School, Dance and House every Friday and Saturday night! Our new and modern club design includes a large dance floor, two full bars and three flat screen plasma televisions. This fun and energetic atmosphere is the perfect place to host your private party.

The Pub: In addition to our nightclub, SALOON has a classic New York City-style pub in an adjoining room. The Pub has a forty-foot mahogany bar with fifteen different types of beer and six televisions for all entertainment and sporting events. The Pub’s DJ spins classic New York City bar music, guaranteeing a fun and lively experience.

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Happy Hour Deals:

    Weekly Deals:
    $3 Miller Lights
    "Rockin Thursdays"
    2 for 1 Cosmos
    1/2 price drinks 7 PM - 10 PM
    DJ Louie Mole

    Deal Details:
      1/2 price drinks
    • Win a Trip to Las Vegas
      Pay the cover for a have the chance to win $500 cash or a trip to Las Vegas

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