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Blaggard's Pub
45 West 39th Street
((btw 5th & 6th Avenues))
New York, NY 10018
(212) 997-3595

About Blaggard's Pub: 
Blaggard's Pub is open year round and accomodates special occasions and events. At two locations in the midtown New York City area, Blaggard's hosts a great atmosphere for lunch, sporting events and parties. Click on the links below to find out more about Blaggard's Pub!

BLACKGUARD - (bla'gard) [lit. Black Guard, concerning the original application of which there is some doubt. It is possible that senses 1 and 2 started independently of each other; or the one may have originated as a play upon the other, "black" being taken with a different sense; it would be difficult to asign priority to either. It is possible that there may have been a guard of soldiers at Westminster called the "Black Guard" or toat, as some suggest, the attendants or torch bearers at a funeral, or the link-boys of the streets, may have had this name].
The lowest menials of a royal household, who had charge of pots and pans and other kitchen utensils, and rode in the wagons conveying these during journeys from one residence to another: the scullions and kitchen knaves.

Examples - 1538 - "Two of the ringleaders had been some time of the Black Guard of the King's kitchen."

1618 - "A lousy slave that rode with the black guard in the duke's carriage, among spits and driping pans."
Those who held similar positions in an army; the servants and camp followers; the rabble of irregular hangers on and followers.

Examples - 1560 - "Have the learned men of your side none other Doctors for alas these that ye allege are scarcely worthy to be allowed amoungst the blacke guards."

- 1634 - Ye have lyen amoung the Fort, black and sooty, as the the blacke guard of an army."
A guard of attendants, black in person, dress, or character; a following of 'black' villians.
The vagabond, loafing, or criminal class of a community; the blackguardry.
A soldiers boy; a street shoe-black; a 'city-arab' picking up a living by blacking boots and other jobs, or in less honest ways.

Example - 1725 (Swift) "The little Blackguard, who gets every halfpence for cleaning your shoes."

BLACKGUARD - To act the blackguard; to play the vagabond.

BLACKGUARDISM - the characteristic behaviour or manner of a blackguard; blackguardly conduct, ruffianism.

BLACKGUARDIZE - To reduce to the condition of a blackguard.

BLACKGUARDLY - Characteristic of a blackguard; ruffianly brutal; scurrilous; low.

BLACKGUARDRY - The community of Blackguards.

Example - 1853 - "The impertinant question at one time current among the blackguardry of London."
Definitions found in the Oxford English dictionary ©1970.

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