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Smith's Bar Restaurant
701 8th Ave New York, New York
(Corner of 44th & 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10036

Showing all NY sports. Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey
Setanta Sports - UEFA CUP, World Cup Qualifies, Coca Cola Championship Scottish FA Cup, Chelsea TV, Euroleagues & International Rugby

Live Music every Wednesday - Saturday nights starting at 8pm
Karaoke Tuesdays at 9pm

About Smith's Bar Restaurant: 
You haven't been to NY if you haven't been to Smith's. Just give Smith's a few minutes and you'll feel like Dorothy and know you certainly aren't in Kansas anymore. You're in a real New York corner bar that serves delicous food and has friendly bartenders. Smith's opens at 6:30am for it's delicious breakfast, the best bargain in town, then serves lunch, dinner and cocktails until 4am.

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Happy Hour Deals:

Weekly Deals:
Happy Hour Noon - 10 PM
Football Sundays Noon - 10 PM

Deal Details:
    Happy Hour
  • Bud/Budlight $3.50
    Coors Light $4.00
    Rolling Rock $3.50
    Miller Lite $4.00
    Pitchers of Miller Lite $10.00
    $4.00 Well Drinks

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