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The Australian NYC
20 West 38th Street
(5th and 6th ave)
New York, NY 10017

Our lounge area consists of eight comfortable privatebooths, each with their own TV
Live Music, DJ's
About The Australian NYC: 
We here at The Australian aim to bring you a relaxed, easy goingatmosphere and ambiance where you can enjoy our top quality food anddrink, and experience the friendliest and best service. The staff atThe Australian have extensive knowledge of and pride in all of ourproducts--from the food and the wine to the paintings on the wall! Weare the only Australian bar in Midtown Manhattan and we aim to bring alittle bit of Down Under to Midtown.

Some of the features of The Australian include our 38 ft bar where youcan chat with our friendly bartenders or watch your favourite sports onany of the flatscreen TVs on the wall. We show most sports from Bondito The Bronx! Our lounge area consists of eight comfortable privatebooths, each with their own TV. We also have our mezzanine level whichis available for dining, corporate functions, or any type of party.

Our food menu is designed to cater for all tastes, whether you areAustralian, American or from even further afield! You can get oldschool Aussie pub food or dine on a rack of lamb, or even try one ofour eclectic Aussie/Asian fusion dishes. We also have great staples,such as New York steak, salads and a range of different burgers andsandwiches. Try any of our great range of domestic and international(and Australian!) beers or some wine from our almost exclusivelyAustralian wine list (we had to throw a Kiwi one in!).

You can do it all here, just as if you were in Australia! Whether youare with a crowd or by yourself, you will always find friendly faces atThe Australian. You may want to have a coldie* at the bar, watch a gamewith some friends at a booth or have a party upstairs in the mezzanine.

We look forward to seeing you.


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