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Karma Lounge
51 First Avenue
((btw 3rd & 4th Streets))
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-3160

About Karma Lounge: 
"Karma is open 7days a week, during which we host various ‘Theme’ nights. We are a sensual, candlelit hookah lounge. The velvet decor, subtle fragrance of incense and deep resonant music are a delight to the senses. The Ambient beats played early in the evening compliment our Happy Hour (everyday 3PM-8PM), and are sure to rejuvenate the soul. For the body, we offer a light array of Indian and Cafe food that is served all night…every night! Later in the evening the music on the main floor coincides with the ‘Theme’ of the given night, which ranges from House > Hip Hop > Reggae and Latin flavors. There are private booths and comfortable couches available for some R&R. Once you’ve relaxed your mind with one of our specialty cocktails, had a taste of India, and put your feet up, you mustn’t forget that Karma is currently the number one place for a ‘puff of the stuff’ (Hookah stuff, that is.) And YES you can smoke here even after the city wide smoking ban since we are exempt as a Tobacco Bar from the smoking law. We have a variety of flavored tobacco that is served in beautiful brass hookahs. If you wanna get down…just follow the signs… to our basement, where a mix of Hip Hop and Reggae is played. Karma is a true mix of East Village diversity in a no attitude space where everyone is welcome."

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