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The Press Box
932 Second Ave.
((btw 49th & 50th St.))
New York, NY 10022

We have excellent coverage of sporting events with our state-of-the-art plasma TV’s and projection screens on 2 floors. Our private party room is available for sports events.
About The Press Box: 
The Press Box is the new midtown bar & restaurant located on 2nd Avenue between 49th & 50th Streets. We offer a casual yet comfortable setting with hand crafted mahogany woodwork, exposed brickwork and a glass frontage opening on to the avenue. Our lunch menu is available weekdays from 11.30am thru’ 4pm and features our already famous $10 lunch special. Our dinner menu kicks in at 4pm thru’ 12am daily (11pm Sundays & Mondays) and includes a 3 course Prix Fixe Menu for $19.95 – the best deal in midtown Manhattan! Brunch is served Saturday & Sunday, check out our Traditional Irish Breakfast! We specialize in private parties, the Press Room accommodates 100 people for a cocktail party, 75 for a seated event. We also cater smaller groups.

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Happy Hour Deals:
    (Everyday: 5 PM - 7 PM)
  • $5 Super-Sized Martinis & Frozen Drinks

Weekly Deals:
$19.95 Prix Fix Dinner 4 PM - 11 PM
$10 Lunch Special
$10 Lunch Special
$10 Lunch Special
$10 Lunch Special
$10 Lunch Special

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