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Bar None
98 3RD AVE
((btw 12th & 13th St.))
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-6663

Fun People
Always, and Always Good
About Bar None: 
Bar None is a World Famous New York City watering hole. There're no attitudes here, just a fun, friendly staff that will will treat you like family. The decor is cozy, the music's loud and the drinks are served strong and ice cold. We have the longest running Happy Hour in the city, offering $2 Bud drafts and $3 cocktails all day, every day, from noon to 8 pm. We have two private rooms where we throw all types of private parties. We get pretty busy on the weekends, so come on down early and experience the legendary Bar None for yourself. Like many of our loyal regulars, you too may never want to leave.

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Happy Hour Deals:
    (Everyday: Noon - 11 PM)
  • $2 Bud Drafts
  • $3 Other drafts
  • $3 well drinks

Weekly Deals:
$2 Power Hour - $2 Bud drafts 11 PM - 12 AM
$2 Power Hour - $2 Well Drinks 11 PM - 12 AM
Wild Card Night
LADIES NIGHT! $1 drinks for the ladies

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