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TBA Brooklyn
395 Wythe Ave
(South 6 st)
New York, NY 11249

Tvs, Sound System, Arcade
Electronic, Alternative
About TBA Brooklyn: 
Located at 395 Wythe Ave on the corner of South 6th St. and Wythe Ave in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge, TBA is 2 blocks from the world famous Peter Luger's Steakhouse in the
historic Southside neighborhood of Williamsburg. Featuring a stunning 23 ft natural white oak handcrafted bar and matching 10 ft communal tables, TBA is a converted garage space with 20 foot ceilings and exposed brick and concrete. TBA will feature a state of the art sound system and will have capacity for approximately 150 people. The venue is located within walking distance of both the J-M-Z and L subway stations and is a 5 minute taxi ride from lower Manhattan.

Founded by veterans of New York's bar, club and underground party scene, TBA by day will be a neighborhood cafe serving coffee, light snacks and sandwiches while TBA by night will feature top-flight electronic music from across the globe. Our crowd is a true cross-section of NYC's nightlife culture where discerning and open minded professionals, artists, hipsters and foreign nationals mix effortlessly and enjoy a music and experience focused scene. TBA, "where the underground lives."

J/M to Broadway
L to Bedford Ave

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    (Tu, W, Th, F: 5 PM - 9 PM)
  • $3 Bottles/Well
  • $4 Drafts/Wine

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