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The Irish Exit
978 2nd avenue
(between 51st and 52nd street)
New York, NY 10022

TV, Free Comedy Show on Tuesdays
About The Irish Exit: 
Located at 978 Second Avenure (in between 51st & 52nd St) In Midtown Manhattan, The Irish Exit is the newest place on the block and is quickly becoming everybody's favorite! The Irish Exit can suit your every desire. From food to football, brunch to happy hour, and to late night adventures with friends and friends-to-be, come play any night of the week for an experience you won't soon forget.

We're open daily Noon-4am for lunch, dinner and drinks and feature different specials every day. The dress code is casual (but neat) and there is a free comedy show on Tuesdays, live DJ Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The Irish Exit is also the perfect spot to go after work, for a birthday party and for private events of all kinds offering a private party room with with a bar, two fireplaces, plenty of seating and great group packages. Call Mandi for more information at 212.755.8383

978 2nd Avenue, in between 51st & 52nd Street.
The nearest subways are the E&M (Lexington & 51st) and the 6 (Lexington & 53rd)

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Free Pro Comedy RSVP for a Free Round of Beers 8 PM - 10 PM

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