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Mercury Bar
493 3rd Ave.
(33 &34)
New York, NY 10016

14 giant flat screens, Beer Pong, ESPN Gameplan and NFL ticket,
DJ plays Wednesday-Saturday nights top 40's/hip-hop/rock block
About Mercury Bar: 
Mercury Bar is a relaxing sports bar with 14 giant flat screen tvs. Mercury Bar offes the areas greatest food, ice cold beer, and full bar in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy one of our 18 tap beers after work and add to it mouthwatering appetizers and grill selections. There is always something fun going on at Mercury Bar; Happy Hour is SEVEN days a week from 12-8pm with $4 select drafts, $4 well drinks, and $8specialty cocktails and martinis. Come in for Medical Mondays, bring your medical ID and get $6 call drinks and $4 bottled beers until 10pm. Tuesday is Beer Pong night! Sign up to play and get $5 pitchers of Coors. Wednesday is Ladies Night where ladies drink 2 for 1 cosmos and apple martinis. Thursday is Guest bartender night; be a guestbartender for 30 or more friends and drink for free! We also feature Ta-kill-Ya Tuesdays and Wednesdays with $4 frozen drinks, $4 Coronas, and $3 tequila shots.
4,5,6 train to 33rd

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Happy Hour Deals:
    (Everyday: Noon - 8 PM)
  • $4 select drafts, $4 well drinks, $8 specialty cocktails and martinis
  • $6 Buffalo Wings, Quesadillas, and Bacon & Cheddar Skins

Weekly Deals:
Yankees specials: $30 buckets, $45 mini kegs, wear Yankees Gear, get a free
Play Wii for free!! 9 PM
Play Beer Pong with $10 pitchers of Coors!
Te-Kil-Ya Tuesdays $3 Cuervo shots, $4 Coronas/Margaritas
Play Wii for free!! 9 PM
Ladies Night! 2 for 1 Cosmos and Apple Martinis
Ladies drink FREE cosmos, appletinis, and well drinks 8-9pm!! 8 PM - 9 PM
Guestbartender night! Bring 30 friends and drink for free!
Shi*ty Beer Sunday 5 PM - 4 AM
NFL Specials: $30 Beer Buckets, $45 Mini Kegs, Football Food specials Open - 4 AM

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