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Trattoria Toscana
64 Carmine Street
(Bedford St. and 7th Avenue)
New York, NY 10014

Great Bar Scene
About Trattoria Toscana: 
Fiorentine Cuisine - Northen Tuscany

Great Food, Great Service, Nice location, and beautiful restaurant!! Go to Trattoria Toscana where your hosts, the new owners: Franco and Raimondo, and have a wonderful dining experience! The Fiorentine - Tuscan atmosphere and Venetian pictures give the restaurant a welcoming and cozy feeling. Small, cozy place, but very romantic if you need it to be, and great for groups. The wait staff is very friendly, and the food is out of this world. Definitely a must go! The long bar is also very nice and drinks are very good. Won't leave a hole in your pocket. See the reviews for Oreste Trattoria. This new restaurant named Trattoria Toscana, formerly known as Oreste Trattoria, is a beautiful restaurant with outdoor seating and great & delicious food. The host makes you feel at home, and the chefs serve exquisite dishes to make your dining experience at 64 Carmine Street a fabulous & enjoyable event.
Pros: Delicious Food, Great Host, Great Chef, Friendly Staff, Reasonable prices, Nice Looking Place, Good Wine list and outdoor seating.

Go to West 4th Street Exit by A,C,E or B,D,F trains
Go to Houston Street Exit by 1 train
By Car - located downtown off West Side Highway thru Clarkson St. Exit. From the East, take Houston Street Exit off FDR and go west towards 7th Ave.

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