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Buck's Lodge
145 Atlantic Avenue
(btw Henry and Clinton)
New York, NY 11231

*Happenins’ will include, but are not limited to; Dart tournaments; 3F’in Mondays (free food football Mondays); no gamblin’ poker tournaments; one of them huntin’ games; bring your own golf club golf puttin’ games; Chile Chili contest, hot lil’ vixen women runnin’ around behind the bar (maybe a few foxy lookin’ guys too); TV playin' tons of sports.

*Happenin’s subject to change dependin’ on the season and Buck’s mood…ya all know how temperamental them bucks are…it’s really hard to find a good buck, cause they’re out there buckin’ all the time.

Good ol’ Country Western, Rock n’ Rollin’, wallowing Blues, big ass hollerin’ Buck’s style music blarin’ to make your toes tap along side the bar
About Buck's Lodge: 
BUCK’S LODGE in Cobble Hill is a country lodge outfitted bar that's a hoot. We got some gosh darn good buckin' drinks and kick-ass beers. SO COME ON DOWN AND GET YOUR BUCKS ON…cause it’s buckin' season!


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    Weekly Deals:
    3 F'in Mondays 8 PM - Close
    Cowgirl Night 4 PM - Close
    Liquid Blood Buck's Brunch 1 PM - 4 PM

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