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Drink Deal Story - A Need for Wings, Can Be a Beautiful Thing

About Us - The Drink Deal Story

A Need For Wings, Leads to Better Things

Li: You know what I want tonight? Wings, I want wings.

Me: Well, you know what? Lets get wings. I think Croxley's got a deal on Sundays. Check it out.

Li: OK, how?

Me: How? How?!?!?? The Internet, the new solution to all our problems, the answer to all our questions...... how she says!! Unbelievable!!

Li: OK, Mr. Answer for everything.... where do I look??

Me: I don't know, Google Drink Deals or Wing Specials NYC or something... something will come up.

Li: Well, I found one special, 25 cent wings tonight, on 3rd Ave, in Boise...... IDAHO!!!

Me: IDAHO!?!?!?? Google has failed!?! All the Wings Specials in NYC and Google brings us one from Idaho...

Li: Idaho

Me: Well this needs to change, and I need to retire.....

...And hence was launched to become the Source for Food and Drink Specials online.

Help spread the word about DrinkDeal, tell your friends, tell your favorite bar

...and if you don't see your specials for your town yet, come back soon, 'cause it will be there.
Our goal at is to bring the food and drink specials in your area to you, when you want the drink deal, where you want the bar special, and the exact restaurant and/or bar specials you are searching for.

If you want imported beer specials, domestic beer specials, cheap shots, body shots, vodka, rum, or tequila shots, wings specials, free live music, smoking permitted in bars, and more... we want to be your source.

Help spread the word about DrinkDeal so everyone can enjoy the bar specials in town, whether the bars are in New York City (NYC), Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, or any other town; tell your local bars about the listing of deals on and tell them to contact us. Thanks for all your help and support.
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